Walking in the Spirit, Moving into Miracles


“The works that I do, shall you do also.” Is this the most frustrating verse in the Bible for you, as you see it’s non fulfilment all around you? In this Seminar David emphasises the intuitive above the cognitive, a complete change of direction for the logical western materialistic mindset. Our God is everywhere present, but His manifested Presence has to be invoked by those who will learn how to walk ‘in the Spirit’. Can you manifest His Presence when it’s most needed? Are you convinced that He wants to display His power even more than we want Him to? Do you know how to coach people into His comforting Presence? What quenches His Spirit? What invokes His Spirit? Why do we settle for ‘religious clubs’ rather than encounters with God in our Churches? This ‘must listen to ’Seminar for frustrated Christians is a mix of teaching and practice - food for your soul, and renewed sensitivity for your spirit.   (4 hours 29 minutes)