Sexuality & Brokenness


The awakening of sexual desire in the human psyche is a complex and fragile matter, and just how it is awoken is a matter of great debate. In this Seminar, David looks at the formation of erotic desire, the destructive phenomena of premature ’imprinting’ at too early an age, and the skills necessary to help in the healing of our broken sexual identity. Many people live in desperation or addiction in this area, and because today’s Church is not sufficiently trained to address these issues (and sometimes adds to the condemnation) they go on in silent pain. Topics covered are: Sexual awakenings : Compulsive desire : Sources of same sex desire : Libido shutdown : Coping with the aftermath of sexual abuse. This seminar will prove helpful for anyone interested in gaining tools to assist others , as well as improve their own private sexual life. (4 hours 40 minutes)