Pornography - the Seductive Underbelly of the Internet.


This is a new epidemic of the internet world, but what do we have to fight it with, and is it purely the weakness of degenerate men, or are all men interested in pornography? Never before in the history of the world can any man go to his ‘window’, whip back the curtain and see anything his fantasies might desire. How on earth does he battle with such an enemy,especially when we know the enemy lies both within and without.  In this recording David invites us to get past the ‘ooo, yuk’ instinctive reaction of many, and have a very hard think about what is needed, both for the addict, the average Christian bloke, and the women that are affected by it. David’s countless clinical hours spent helping men overcome this debilitating addiction are very evident in this presentation. Suitable for both genders of all ages.  (77 minutes)