Motivation - Fuel Tank for a Progressive Life


“OK, why should I?” “I just can’t be bothered” “It’s just too hard” “My get-up-and-go has got up and gone!” “You just don’t understand, because it’s so easy for you.”

 How is it that some people are highly motivated, while others can’t seem to find their way out of their own apathy? Is motivation a gift - or can it be developed? Motivation plays a role in our life everyday - from getting out of bed in the morning through to achieving the goals and dreams that become the pinnacles of our years on earth. But if motivation is lacking, goals and dreams will always elude us. Travel plans don’t eventuate, job advancement doesn’t materialise, and the years simply slide by in sedate and predictable fashion - while inside we are frustrated and bored. If this sounds familiar, but you want to change, you will find help here!   David discusses his clinical observations on the subject and outlines what you can do to marshal your own enthusiasm and find the motivation needed to live the life you really want!  (3 hours 4 minutes)