Get Back the Reins of your Life


To get beyond a victim’s mindset, regain power and progress in our life - to really ‘get a life’ - we must first get back the reins. But to do that demands that we get into the habit of setting goals. Goal setting sets up an expectation in our minds which is a crucial ingredient for happiness, for it enables progress. However, in order to do this, there are several possible subconscious objections to goal setting that must first be addressed - we must de-construct, before we can re-construct. Otherwise goal setting remains a nice theory, instead of an exciting way of life. In this Seminar, David draws on thousands of hours of counselling experience to lay out achievable steps in order to go forward, and escape the trap of powerless thinking.

 This is a ‘must listen to’ Seminar for anyone ‘stuck’ and frustrated with their life. (4 hours 34 minutes)