Can religion blind us to reality? Does it sometimes excuse us from accepting personal responsibility? Why are we so quick to justify ourselves when it is obvious to others that our view doesn’t sit with reality? We as humans have an amazing ability to justify ourselves at lightening speed. We defend our words and our actions - and find it rather painful to admit we ‘stuffed up’. Often it is easier to close our mind to the possible ramifications of what we have said and done. In other words, we begin the process of living in denial. Our mind becomes a fortress against reality, and as time goes by, that fortress becomes more and more impenetrable. We learn to live beyond the reach of the warning words of friends, and as our perspective hardens, we run the risk of being ‘handed over to believe a lie’ as the Apostle Paul warned the Thessolonians. In this lecture David gives a workable way forward in developing and achieving a mind that is open to correction. (1 hour 20 minutes)