“Be anxious for nothing……but by prayer and petition, make your needs known to God”  (Philippians 4:6) An easy instruction for the Apostle Paul to write almost 2,000 years ago!  But is his writing still realistic and relevant to us today? Anxiety stalks us at every turn as we juggle family schedules, working hours, technological advances, time frames, food groups, fitness and bank balances! We are never short of something to worry about!  But what toll is constant anxiety having on our mind and body? Can we learn how to reassure ourselves and be at peace?

In this recording, David will offer several ways to break the habit of constant anxiety and worry.  Yes it is possible, with insight and persistence, to retrain our mind to deflect it.  Putting our concerns into their proper perspective, and walking away from obsessing over them is a skill to be learned.  Anxiety is very much a part of our modern world - but it doesn't need to continue to be part of yours!