Achieving my Dreams


“What should I be doing with my life?” “ How come I never seem to get ahead?” “I’ll get that when I win Lotto!” “I’ve maxed out the credit card again!” Do these statements sound familiar??

In this 5 day workshop David explores the many & varied reasons behind our financial and career difficulties - exposing a thinking problem that has more to do with a lack of initiative than a lack of ability. Opportunity for enterprise is all around us; so what stops us from seeing it? This Workshop is a challenge to our most deeply held beliefs about money, business success, and our own ability to create and handle wealth responsibly.   Self awareness, goal setting skills and a careful analysis of why some succeed and some fail assists us to map out a path to prosperity with a new confidence. And if you want inspiration and insight to re-invigorate your current business, you will find it here!  ”Find a job you can love, and you’ll never work another day..” Mark Twain.